Restaurant Menu


Chicken Livers Peri Peri55.00
Shrimp Cocktail33.00


BMI Salad58.00
Crisp Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Onion Rings & Cheese; ‘Tossed in Salad Oil.

Greek Salad 65.00
Crisp Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion Rings, Olives & Feta, Cheese; Tossed in Salad Coil.

Smoked Chicken Salad 58.00
Crisp Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Onion and Smoked Chicken in Salad Oil.


Fresh Fruit Salad 46.00
(When available)
Black Forest Cake 44.00

Cheese Cake 44.00

Banana Split 44.00

Fruit Salad 23.00

Ice Cream 20.00


Sirloin Steak 110.00
(served with rice or chips)

Rump Steak 110.00
( served with rice or chips)

T-Bone steak 110.00
(served with rice or chips)

Lamb Chops 118.00
(served with rice or chips)

Pork Chops 110.00
(served with rice or chips)

Mixed Grill 114.00
(served with rice or chips)

Pork Spare Ribs 107.00
(served with rice and chips)

Beef Fillet 122.00
(served with rice or chips)

Eisbein 88.00
(served with rice or chips)

Sauces 17.00
(Pepper,Mushroom or Monkey Gland)


Cream of Tomato 23.00

Cream of Mushroom 23.00

Minestrone 23.00


Club Sandwich & Chips 55.00
(Double Decker Sandwich with Chicken Mayo,Bacon,Egg,Lettuce & Dressing)

Cheese &Tomato 36.00
(served with chips)

Bacon & Egg 45.00
(served with chips)

Chicken Mayonnaise 45.00
(served with chips)

Tuna Sandwich 49.00
(served with chips)

Ham & Cheese 37.00
(served with chips)

Extras (per item)

Tomato 13.00

Cheese,Egg, Bacon.Ham.Chicken 8.00


Margarita 72.00
(Tomato,Cheese & Oregano)

Calzone 77.00
(Tomato,Cheese & Oregano)

Romana 77.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Mushroom & Oregano)

Tropical 81.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Ham,Pineapple & Oregano)

Regina 81.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Ham Mushoom & Oregano)

Chicken 81.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Chicken,Mushroom,Pineapple & Oregano)

Chicken Tikka 74.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Chicken,Tikka Sauce,Pineapple & Oregano)

Chicken Mediterranean 99.00
(Tomato,Chicken, Feta,Cheese,Olives,Olive oil & Oregano)

Vegetarian 84.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Green Pepper,Onion,Mushroom & Oregano)

Blue Mountain Inn Pizza 90.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Bacon,Egg,Pineapple & Oregano)

San Pedro 93.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Salami,Mushroom,Garlic,Olives & Oregano)

Seafood(approx 30min) 96.00
(Tomato,Cheese,seafood mix & Oregano)

Spicy Mince 90.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Mince & Oregano)

Ty Special 101.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Pineapple,Mushroom,Garlic,Salami,Mince,olives & Oregano)

Mexican 107.00
(Tomato,Cheese,Beef Steak,Green Pepper,Hot Mexican Sause & Oregano)

Extras (per Item)

Cheese,Salami,Bacon,Chicken,Seafood 13.20

Ham,Mushroom,Garlic 08.00

Tikka Sauce 27.50


Grilled king klip 110.00
(served with rice or chips)

Hake fillet 77.00
(served with rice or chips)

Lesotho Trout (when available) 139.00
(served with rice or chips)

sole 124.00
(served with rice or chips)

fried chicken drumsticks 77.00
(served with rice or chips)

Grilled baby chicken(approx 45min) 87.00
(served with rice or chips)

Chicken steak 60.00
(served with rice or chips)

Chicken & peppers in wine sauce 70.00
(served with rice or chips)

chicken & mushroom stew 65.00
(served with rice or chips)

Prawns peri peri 100.00
(served with rice or chips)

Crumbed calamari rings 90.00
(served with rice or chips)

Plate of chips 28.00


Filter Coffee 17.00

Instant Coffee 14.00

Tea 14.00

Milk Shake 15.00