Holy Family Sisters of Bordeaux 150 Years Anniversary

Holy Family Sisters of Bordeaux are celebrating the 150th anniversary of their arrival in Lesotho. They came in to the country to serve the Catholic Church and the Lesotho nation at large. Some of their wonderful achievements in the Mountain Kingdom include:

  • Opening St Mary’s High School, Roma, in 1865. This marked the first school they opened in Lesotho which admitted hundreds of girls from Lesotho and other neighboring countries. St Mary’s was then followed by Holy Family High School, Dahon High School, Malithuso High School and many more
  • Providing health services via health centres. These comprise Maqhaka health centre, Leretto health centre, Bethany health centre, Sion health centre, etc.
  • Extending hands to needy people in the communities they live in.

In celebration of their 150 years, there will be a Thanks Giving Church Service at Roma on the 25th April 2015. Our dearest Sisters, mere congratulations might not be enough to express what we feel, rather “A Big Thank you” would be in order!!! A big thank you for 150 years of servitude to the Church and the people of our Country.