A woman is a very powerful person. You can see their impact in families, churches and even at work places. They have the strength to turn that small business and make it a success. They have the wisdom to stretch few pieces of food to feed the whole family. She can be hurt a thousand times but she still manages to put a smile on her face. That is the strength of a woman…
On 22nd and 23rd Blue Mountain Inn celebrated the strengths of these wonderful beings. In appreciation of their great work and dedication, the managers of BMI invited motivational speakers from BAM group of companies to sooth these women’s wounds with encouraging words. It turned out to be one of the best weekends for all female employees, with lots of singing and dancing, wise words from intelligent women and all these followed by delicious lunch.
Blue Mountain Inn management would like to thank the ladies for their dedication at work and agreeing to make time for these event. We also thank ‘m’e Ts’epang and Nts’epeng Ts’ita for their eye opening presentation on these two days. All we have to do now is to take action towards improving our lives. How can we forget our awesome chef; thank you for delicious food that you prepared for us.
Big thanks to everyone who worked towards the success of these days.