Kome Caves

Ha Kome caves are a group of caves built out of mud in a village called Pulane Ha Kome. These beautiful homes were found by Chief Teleka Kome who was coming from Matatiele, Eastern Cape in 1824. As he was running away from the tribal war, chief Kome came along with his family and animals. The caves were used as a hiding place from the cannibals. The decedents of the former founder are the current inhabitants of the caves.

Malimong Cave

As known of being chief Rakotsoana cave, the cave was a home of cannibals around 1824. It happened that due to tribal war that hit Southern Africa there was a great famine that led to starvation. In 1824 King Moshoeshoe decided to leave his fortress as it was easily attacked by enemies. It was during that migration when his few people were caught, slaughtered and devout by cannibals in the cave. The hurting part of this history is his grandfather that he loved the most was among the captives.


Thaba Bosiu, The name Thaba Bosiu means the ‘Mountain at Night’. It was in July 1824 when Moshoeshoe and his people took occupation of the mountain which his brother Mohale had reconnoitered. King Moshoeshoe 1st won several wars at this mountain because it used to grow during the night.

Maletsunyane waterfall

Maletsunyane Waterfalls, one of the highest single dropping waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere, plummets 192 metres into a spectacular gorge creating clouds of spray visible from afar. It’s set on the edge of the spectacular Maletsunyane Falls, this abseil descends 204m non–stop to the bottom of the gorge where few people dare to tread.

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